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We are building a Religion

say no to drugs and yes to White Castle

do you know how to paaartaay??!!!
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Welcome to the broken_teapots communtity. Do you feel like a broken teapot on a cold hard floor who just wants to talk about old re-runs of Kids in the Hall or perhaps a good book you've read? Well this is where geeks just like you join together to share their feelings on...

-television shows
-and anything else that isn't...

-or just plain rude.

Basically what we're looking for here are people who are not afraid to express themselves or to admit to keeping your rad pokemon card collection after all of these years...

All are welcome to post book reviews, original art, stories, original poems, movie reviews, pictures of people you worship, problems that you need help with, or anything by other artist that has inspired you! if you feel its important to post then go on ahead, we down!! even if the only thing in this world you believe in is that David Hasselhoff is god then bring it on! your not hardcore unless you live hardcore my friend!!! fanfic and slash are also welcome if you have a problem with this then you do not belong here.

unfortunately we need you to fill out an application before we allow you to join.

when posting an application please make "i've got a holographic charizard" the subject so we know that you've read through the rules first. Acceptions or Rejections will be based by votes from other members, but the final decision is up to the moderators. so basically the members are the american population and the moderators are the electoral college. A banner will be placed on your app once a decision is made.

also please put your application behind an lj cut. if you don't know how go to FAQ and look at the journal entries section. Applications without an lj cut will be ignored until you re-post correctly.


Favorite Color:

Top 5 Favorite Movies:

Top 5 Favorite Books:

Top 3 Favorite Tv Shows (if you don't watch tv or hate it with flaming passion its okay to skip this)

Favorite bands:


Who is your favorite author?

what are your views on...


Are there any other issues that you feel strongly about?

pick your preference

Steve Buscemi in Ghost World or in Reservoir Dogs?
Al Roker fat or thin?
Ducan yo-yo's or Yo-mega?
Nintendo or Playstation?
Mad TV or SNL?
Starsky or Hutch?

If you could keep any appliance as a pet which would it be?

Whats your favorite food?

What is your favorite quote?

Who's your favorite Comedian?

If you could snog anyone who would it be?

How did you find this hott community?

Post a picture of yourself here: (pics are not required but are encouraged, if you do not want to post a pic of yourself then you can just post one of something else)

please promote this community to your friends
all are welcome wether your black, white, gay, straight, transvestite, dutch, they are all the same, you know, offer them ice cream all of them say yes.


your humble moderators are


we love to dance, we love toast, and we love to rawk out to duran duran on our casio keyboards...

we are the broken_teapots community.


just hope you dont have to suffer celine's mullet of DOOM!

18, 1984, a clockwork orange, ace of base, akira, american splendor, art, baa, band, bbc, ben kweller, ben stiller, best in show, bjork, bondage, british men behaving badly, canada, cello, chicken nuggets, christopher walken, coldplay, computers, counting crows, coupling, crescent fresh!, culture club, dan akroyd, dave matthews band, david duchovny, david sedaris, david thewlis, ddr, dirty vegas, doctor detroit, draco malfoy, drawing, drew carey, duran duran, el paso, elo, eric idle, eugene levy, expression, fahrenheit 451, fat boy slim, flute, fraiser, freaks and geeks, george clinton, george orwell, ghost world, graham norton, group x, harry potter, harvey pekar, improv comedy, invader zim, irvine welsh, jack white, jackson browne, jamaica, james brown, jane's addiction, joy divison, keyboard power, kids in the hall, kraftwerk, lilo and stich, lord of the rings, love, luke wilson, madonna, manchild, michael ian black, michael palin, michael stipe, moby, monty python, mothra, mullet hunting, naked, new wave, new york city, newspaper, nick hornby, nintendo, nirvana, older men, on the road, orchestra, owen wilson, paul giamatti, paul stroili, pink floyd, playstation2, pokemon, porno for pyros, pre- yoko john lennon, r.e.m, radiohead, rawk n roll!!!!!, ray bradbury, reading, remus lupin, rent, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, s club 7, sarah mclachlan, seinfeld, severus snape, sigur ros, sioxsie and the banshees, sketch comedy, slash, snl, spice girls, stand up comedy, stella, stereolab, steve buscemi, steve martin, tea, teapots, tears for fears, ted joans, the beat generation, the beatles, the ben stiller show, the blues brothers, the cranberries, the fez, the neon banshees, the office, the ramones, the royal tenenbaums, the rutles, the strokes, the twilight zone, the white stripes, thom yorke, three dog night, tokyo, van morrison, vast, video games, violin, warhol, wesley willis, x- files